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Erin is a Senior Educational Consultant at Thinktown Education, an NYC-based e-learning company, where she works one-on-one with international students to write and revise their college application essays, resumes, and extracurricular activities lists, as well as high school and college writing assignments. She frequently acts as an academic advisor, researching and directing students to helpful college and degree program resources. Many of Erin's students have gained acceptance into top universities and summer programs in the U.S.

As a Teaching Assistant for The Graide Network, Erin grades and provides feedback on students' writing assignments, including AP English and History mock exams. She has worked with over 30 veteran teachers at charter, private, parochial and public middle and high schools and colleges, across the U.S., fine-tuning students' writing skills and preparing them for AP exams.

To earn her MSPW at NYU, and to graduate with a 3.8 GPA, Erin wrote an 80-page master's thesis: "How Animal Welfare Organizations Use Social Media to Achieve Their Missions and Goals." Erin interviewed animal shelter directors across the U.S. to better understand this phenomenon, providing shelters with recommendations on how to bolster the power of social media to meet their missions and goals.

Erin also partnered with a Mid-Michigan non-profit animal welfare organization to write a comprehensive Fire Preparedness Plan, critical to the shelter’s and city fire department’s response in the event of a smoke- or fire-related incident and/or evacuation. This plan helps protect the lives of over 100 animals, who are present in the shelter at any given time.

Additionally, Erin's attention to detail, project management, research skills, and passionate commitment to delivering expertly written content have proven invaluable to her professional success. Erin is excited to expand her clientele for professional writing and editing services for master's theses, books, and other projects in the future and is open to job opportunities in writing, editing, educational consulting, and related careers.

Welcome to Erin Hunt's Digital Portfolio.


This portfolio comprises writing samples showcasing Erin's ability to write across industries, in particular technical writing, writing for non-profits, science writing, environmental writing, health writing, and writing for digital media, while also highlighting ability and flexibility to research and write across topics. 

Whether crafting 

  • technical website design proposals, 
  • comprehensive emergency plans for nonprofits, 
  • reader-friendly science reports for general audiences,
  • educational health documents for allied health professionals and patients, 
  • informative position statements for political websites, or 
  • creative blog content for savvy audiences, 

Erin provides high-quality, original material to meet and exceed clients’ content needs and expectations. 

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This master's thesis is an 80-page research-based project using a phenomenological study (interviews) to understand how animal welfare organizations in the United States use social media to fulfill organizational missions and goals. Additionally, this thesis project makes recommendations for ways animal welfare organizations can better leverage social media to save more animals' lives. These recommendations can be applied to any nonprofit organization looking to leverage social media. This thesis project demonstrates Erin's strong academic research, writing, editing, and formatting skills.

TECHNICAL WRITING: Website Design Project Proposal

This website design proposal (and corresponding website prototype) is a response to a Request for Proposal. This sample justifies the development of a new, unique health-based website for a specific target audience. This piece uses skillful layout and design for a strong cohesive web design proposal and its subsequent website. It demonstrates competency in assessing user needs through user research and testing, careful analysis of findings, and their skillful application for effective web design. The proposal features templates, wireframes, sitemaps, flow charts, diagrams and page elements, all critical in the design of Web elements used to organize large data sets. The accompanying website prototype applies techniques and practices for designing an information architecture and user experience. The unique functional medicine website, Happy Gut, matches innovative methods for information presentation with the specific needs of the target audience. Happy Gut is featured on the NYU School of Professional Studies College for Applied Liberal Arts Blog, recognized as a top web design project.

TECHNICAL WRITING: Fire Preparedness Plan for Nonprofit Animal Shelter

The actions taken in the initial stages of an emergency are critical, and every organization, whether business or nonprofit, needs to be prepared. This fire preparedness plan, for a Michigan-based animal control and care center, leverages critical professional writing skills in a professional freelance experience. The fire plan is the result of four months of on-site tours and interviews with the shelter director to assess needs, as well as follow-up communication via text messages, emails, and scheduled meetings to report progress. The fire preparedness plan provided the shelter with a much-needed document outlining clear protocols and procedures to help better serve and protect their staff, over one hundred resident animals, and property, as well as provide the city fire department with an abbreviated, supplemental plan to facilitate timely evacuation in the event of smoke or fire. The fire plan was adopted by the Saginaw County Fire Marshal in Spring 2018 to be used at the shelter.

ENVIRONMENTAL WRITING: "Historic Low Levels of Sea Ice Threaten Polar Bears In Arctic Ecosystem"

Never has science writing been more important to society’s understanding of complex scientific and environmental issues, as they continue to emerge and play an important role in everyday life. It increasingly becomes more important that the public become scientifically literate. This sample employs extensive research about complex scientific and social-scientific literature to report on and develop an engaging, informative story using an appropriate voice for a general audience. It presents complex and difficult science and findings from reliable, authoritative sources using clear, concise, cohesive language that the lay reader can understand – a primary goal of science writing. This piece demonstrates skillful writing to develop a solid, effective, persuasive narrative about a broader hot-button environmental issue (global climate warming) while encapsulating a sub-story about the mitigating effects on the environment, humans, and non-human species.

HEALTH WRITING (Fact Sheet): "Life Expectancy in the U.S."

Health sciences are constantly advancing, and there is an enormous amount of information to transmit clearly and accurately to both patients and health professionals critical to reaching and providing the public with optimal healthcare. This technical health document (fact sheet) conveys key information about life expectancy in the U.S. to nurses and their patients. It demonstrates effective health writing and document design skills required to simplify complex health information to workers in the allied health professions and to the public.

HEALTH WRITING (Review Document): "Increasing Life Expectancy in the U.S.: Physical Health Tactics to Improve Health and Prevent Chronic Disease"

A review document is the backbone of most writing for the health professions. It involves conducting intensive medical research and assessing medical literature. This sample is a large review document, a position paper, that presents a problem and an opinion about an important health issue – life expectancy in the U.S. This piece uses facts from reliable, authoritative sources to build a foundation for an in-depth, solid argument. It then makes suggestions on how Americans can resolve the issue by integrating specific physical health tactics into their daily lives to improve health and prevent chronic disease.

WRITING FOR DIGITAL MEDIA (Position Statement): "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder On Gun Control" Position Statement

This sample demonstrates skillful application of principles in digital media production, specifically digital media writing in political campaigns. This piece serves to enhance Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s official website with an important policy issue (gun control) presently absent from his list of policies and issues. It presents Governor Snyder’s stance on this controversial issue while mimicking his voice, tone, and rhetoric for editorial consistency, fitting the website seamlessly as if written by the original content writer(s) or Governor Snyder himself.

WRITING FOR DIGITAL MEDIA (Blog): "Email Really Is For Lovers, Let Me Count the Ways"

This sample demonstrates aptitude and mastery of methods to strengthen and perfect specific forms of digital writing, particularly creative blog content. This blog expands on an article by a senior associate editor at The Atlantic about an interesting study exploring the impact of media on psychophysiological responses and emotional content in utilitarian and romantic communication. Erin shares her personal experiences using email as a communication tool whilst in a romantic relationship. By reflecting on and sharing her story, Erin effectively uses rhetoric to persuade her audience that email really is a worthwhile, valuable medium in intimate relationships.


If you would like more information or would like to speak with Erin regarding a writing project or job opportunity, please provide your contact information, and she will respond within 24 hours.

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The following references include testimonials from professors at New York University, professional clients, and mentors.

Teaching Assistant "Graiders" contract with The Graide Network to provide scores and effective feedback on predominantly middle- and high-school writing. Erin joined us in February this year [2019], and in four short months has supported over 30 unique teachers on over 60 classroom assignments. We know we can count on her to do high quality work, always on time, with proactive and thoughtful communication along the way. This truly makes my job so easy and goes so far in supporting students across the country.

Erin is capable of working on the most advanced assignments we offer (AP English, AP History, College-level writing), and her actionable feedback to students consistently receives high marks, both from our team and the teachers she supports. When anyone on our team provides coaching, it is only to elevate her already strong work, and she has received all guidance with eagerness and ability. I am also impressed by her dedication to going above and beyond for students: She often does extra background research on unfamiliar texts and historical events to ensure her comments are as relevant and specific for them as possible.

In addition to trusting that her work will always be high-quality, I know I can count on Erin to start her assignments early, keep me informed of her progress, communicate directly with teachers comfortably, and alert our support team to any issues before they affect assignment timelines. She knows our platform well and has even solved problems for teachers who mistakenly reached out to her instead of our team.

We are so thankful to have Erin in our Network. Her coachability, communication, dependability, and dedication to quality will make her an asset to any future team.

Eileen Dominic, Senior Operations Manager - The Graide Network

Erin was a thoughtful, engaging writer - one whom I can't recommend enough as a part of a team. She takes feedback well, adjusts to unexpected challenges, and always gets the job done on time. It was my pleasure to work with her on Emergency Planning during the fall of 2017.

Matthew Vaughan, Ph.D. (Professor, New York University)

Erin has a gift for presenting complex and difficult science and findings in language a lay reader can understand.

Dr. Kenneth Worthy (Professor, New York University; Author of Invisible Nature)

Erin is a skilled writer and passionate about her work. She is conscientious, pays attention to detail, and is able to master complex information. Her work is detailed and backed up by extensive research. She also communicates and collaborates effectively and professionally, and she listens to advice and gives thoughtful and detailed comments to collaborators.

Phillip Leventhal (Professor, New York University; Medical and Scientific Writer, 4Clinics)

Erin Hunt was a student in an online master's-level course I taught at NYU SPS, titled "Writing for Digital Media." Erin was a top student. She handled the heavy work-load diligently, and her writing skills started out as "very good" and ended up as "excellent." 

Erin had a knack for getting to the heart of the assignment. She was also eager to leave her comfort zone and attack assignments that called for nimble thinking. Erin has a nice sense of humor, which often showed through in her work. As a member of an online academic community, Erin was a leader. 

Whenever students could communicate with fellow students within the Learning Methods System (LMS), seized the opportunity to respond to her classmates. She was an encourager and her comments sparked conversation. Erin has skills as a writer and also interpersonal talents which could spell success in any work environment.

Dr. Linda Bernstein (Professor, New York University)

I had the pleasure of working with Erin Hunt while she was a student in my course, Principles of Information Architecture, which I currently teach for New York University, School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS). Erin did a fantastic job in both designing her project and implementing her website, which she built using WordPress. Erin’s final project was so successful that her peers selected her site as one of the top five to be showcased on the NYU SPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts blog. I would be happy to recommend Erin for any role where her skills may be of use. I think she’d be a wonderful addition to any team in the areas of professional writing and web design and development.

Dr. Steven Goss (Professor, New York University; Vice Provost, Digital Learning Teachers College, Columbia University)

Erin was an extremely talented and enthusiastic student in my digital and organizational storytelling class during the summer of 2017. She weaved engaging narratives into her work, included specific details, and presented clearly organized arguments. Her creative pieces demonstrated an agile imagination. Even in her expository writing, she always found the thread of conflict that would bring her message to life. 

Erin also collaborated well with others, pulling together successful projects with other students and contributing to class discussions with thoughtful, supportive comments. She asked questions about required readings and turned in work that reflected her diligent efforts to learn what was expected of her. 

Erin deserves to use her gifts and to continue having a successful career. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Sonja Ryst (Writing Professor, New York University)

Erin has a focused approach to all projects she worked on and came to each interaction ready to ask high level questions. Mentoring Erin helped me see my work in a new light.

Dan Ginis (Senior VP & Chief Advancement Officer at Michigan Humane Society)

Erin has provided me with outstanding articles on a variety of topics, and I have found the quality of her work to be far superior to many other writers with whom I have worked in the past.

As a content producer and publisher, I am under the gun to deliver up to five articles per day to various publications, and with a heavy workload that includes managing a large team of writers and editing their work, I often don't have time to write my own content. That's where Erin has provided me with an invaluable service.

Erin has a very strong grasp of the English language, and she writes in an engaging and clear style. Best of all, her work needs almost no editing. This saves me a tremendous amount of time and allows me to focus on other important tasks. She is an excellent grammarian, and I've found no major errors in her work. She has the ability to write very quickly with a high level of accuracy, and her articles are fun to read.

Erin is indeed a gifted writer...In addition to her exemplary writing skills, she is responsive, reliable and very pleasant to work with.

Rebecca Savastio (Senior Managing Editor, Guardian Liberty Voice)